Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tally-Ho, Pitch Wars!

So PitchWars officially began TODAY.

My lawd, the month or so between when I first submitted and now has flown by! It seems like only yesterday I got the email from Stephanie saying she wanted to be my mentor.

Now, I want to just briefly tell you about my PitchWars story. Maybe one day I'll go deeper into detail, but for now I want to give you an overview of what happened. I sent Stephanie my manuscript, she read it over and took copious notes, then sent me a letter telling me exactly what was right with my book but also exactly what was wrong.

Don't get me wrong; she did in the BEST way possible! And I totally love her and thank her for every single thing she told me. My book was good, but it could be so much better, and you know what? She was 100% right.

So I took her advice to heart and practically rewrote my book in thirteen days. Thirteen. Days. I rushed to get it done because I was on Christmas break and knew I wouldn't have time to do it when my semester started back up. And so I jumped completely out of my norm and sent chapters as I wrote them to my crit partners (Anne, bless your heart for reading as quickly as you did; Julie and Melody, you guys rock; Sarah, you're the best for keeping me sane) so they would be perfect by the time the agent round came.

And, by my blood, sweat, and tears, I've managed to create a book that is so much better than it could have ever been. So, without further ado, here is my entry!

If you like Supernatural, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Indiana Jones, all three collide in my YA epic fantasy about a pirate and a runaway bound together by a curse: A SEA OF HOLLOW HEARTS

And here are my awesome Team Phantom Pirate Universe teammates!

Julie's fantastic YA paranormal is inspired by Phantom of the Opera, with gorgeous, haunting writing: ELEGY

Melody's thrilling YA sci-fi makes me feel like I'm watching James Bond, if he were a teenage spy who hops between universes and has to team up with her ex-boyfriend: STRANGE ATTRACTORS

Happy PitchWars!



  1. I've never done pitch wars so it's good to hear how they work. Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad it helped.

    1. It was a wonderful experience! I'd recommend it to anyone!