Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Music 20

Hi, everyone!

Did you see that last episode of Supernatural, "The Purge"? Because holy melon, it was INTENSE. It had a perfect mixture of laughs ("Sweet potatoes!"), creepy monsters (that tongue thing freaked me out!), and brotherly angst. And right now, all I feel like doing is telling Sam to go sit in the corner and think about what he's done. Because that boy...I want to smack him. (Just to clarify, I'm a Dean girl.)

But it got me thinking: That's the kind of reaction writers are supposed to get out of readers. They should feel emotionally scarred after reading/watching something happen to characters. They should feel so emotionally invested in the characters that they feel they need to smack them upside the head or hug them and wipe away their tears.

I guess you could call this a warning in advance. I plan on being brutal to my characters. Just picture me like this:

Anyway, on to your Monday Music! This one is called Underneath by Adam Lambert. I discovered it last night (somewhat late for a Monday Music selection), but it's amazing. So listen and love. 

Happy Monday!


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