Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Music 29

Hi, everyone!

Remember last week when I said that my summer would consist of summer courses, traveling, and writing? Well, that's changed. A lot.

Let me start from the beginning: Monday after writing that post, I got a phone call after class asking for a phone interview. It happened, I waited, and Tuesday morning the job was offered to me. Wednesday morning I accepted it. Why? Because it's an adventure, because I've always wanted to work out of state, because I happen to love the West and Wyoming seems to me to be a good place to experience it.

So that's where I'll be from May 15 through October. I hope to make new friends, have new adventures, and finally draft my YA Western (and Julie will be happy about this, hehe). I've begun outlining it and creating characters and hell, this is one fun manuscript I have planned. I also hope to finally finish critiquing manuscripts, because school has sapped what time I would have dedicated to that.

But I'm EXCITED. I've never done anything like this before, so I think it's fitting I do it before I really get into university. So, you guys have any advice for me? And without further ado, here is your Monday Music selection! This week's is called The Fire by Sons of Midnight. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Monday!


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