Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday Music 56 On A Tuesday

Yes, this week's Monday Music is on a Tuesday. Why? Because I ran out of time before my trip to visit Sarah, so I wasn't able to set up a scheduled post to go up.

The trip was FANTASTIC. It's so nice meeting in person someone you've spoken to for ages and shared your work with many times. It's so easy to fall into the flow of friendship. From the moment Sarah picked me up in the airport, we were chatting nonstop. And let me tell you, it's strange now that I'm back at home to resort to texting when Sarah and I chat now. The nice thing is, though, we both now feel comfortable enough talking on the phone if we need to brainstorm! (It's a bit awkward, we both agreed, to talk on the phone without ever having met the person you're talking to in person.)

There we are at the Maymont Park, two more graces to add to that statue, because we're fabulous. 

I definitely recommend to any writer to become friends with your critique partners and then go visit them! You seriously won't regret it.

And because I've blathered on enough, it's time for me to shuddup. Take a guess at what I plan on doing. (Hint: it involves writing. *GASP*)

Without further ado, here is your Monday Music selection. This week's is called Triton by Fringe Element. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!


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