Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Music 100 (with #PitchWars Surprise!)

Hey, everyone.

Yay! It's the 100th Monday Music post! WOO! Thus, I'm going to share more songs than just one today. All of these are from the playlist for a fantasy WIP I've been playing with. (Also, look to the bottom of this post if you're a Pitch Wars mentee!)

Aaron Wilde - Legacy

Linkin Park - Easier to Run

Sofia Karlberg - Shameless (cover)

Halsey - Trouble (Stripped)

Epic Score - Always With Honor

Five random, completely gorgeous songs. I hope you enjoy them!

As for Pitch Wars mentees... I'm doing a blog series with you guys for the month of October! As there are more than 100 of you, I thought I'd group you together for each post, asking you a few fun questions. Thus, please fill out this form to the best of your ability: Pitch Wars Mentee Interview Questions

Please note: I will only take the first 30 mentees who respond! I wish I could take more, but I don't have enough time between balancing school and my mentee's manuscript.

Happy Monday!


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