Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#PitchWars Mentee Interview - Sheena Boekweg

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This is the next interview for the mentees of Pitch Wars! It will be a series through the month of October, so be sure to check back to learn a bit more about some of the mentees and their Pitch Wars stories so far!

In case you're curious about what Pitch Wars is, learn more here

What is your name? Your mentor’s name? Your team name?
Sheena Boekweg, Megan Grimit, #TeamNutMEG

What is your Twitter handle?

Describe your manuscript in tweet-like format (no more than 140 characters).
Wax girl Sarah’s heart is a living seed that grants a powerful wish to the person who kills her and lights it on fire. A wish Blake needs.

What is the #1 thing you’ve learned so far in Pitch Wars?
So much! I've learned that a love story needs a reason why it will all fall apart, and the reader needs to think the love story will all fall apart, in order for it to work. I've learned the power of an awesome villian, I've learned how to sharpen the focus in my story, and I've also learned that I can completely rewrite my novel in three weeks. Didn't know I could do that.

What is your guilty pleasure food/drink when writing?
Candy. Swedish fish mostly. Also any kind of sugar cereal, especially chocolate.

What is the theme song for your MC(s)? Why? What about for your villain(s)?
The theme song for my book is Naked As We Came by Iron and Wine. It's Blake and Sarah's love song. When I'm writing my villain, I like to listen to Monster by Imagine Dragons.

You're stranded on a desert island. You have no provisions, but you are with three of your favorite characters (either in your MS or elsewhere). They each promise they can help you survive. Who are they?
Molly Weasley, The Doctor (eleven), and Bear Grylls

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