Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Music 102

Happy New Year everyone! I hope every holiday you celebrated was wonderful. I had so many birthdays during these past few months as well, but things are quieting down (until spring semester starts up again at the end of January).

As a minor update, I've completed a manuscript that is my first crossover fantasy, set in a re-imagined earth with plenty of darkness, heartbreak, kisses, betrayals, and blood-spilling in true Katie fashion. I hope to be able to share a bit more about it soon, but for now, check out this tweet for a peek at my Pinterest board for the story. For the time being, that board will remain private, but check back here on occasion as I may share more pictures from the board and/or quotes from the book. Also keep an eye on my Twitter, since I like to share samples of the book there every so often.

And without further ado, I'm back after my December hiatus with more Monday Music posts. The first music selection of the new year is a new-found favorite from the playlist of the manuscript above. It's called Reparation by Audiomachine.

Hope you enjoy!


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