Katie Bucklein started writing at the age of twelve, when a girl challenged her to a dare: who could finish writing a novel first? Spoiler: Katie won, and has since written Young Adult contemporary, historical fiction, and dystopian, but found fantasy to be her true love. The middle child of fivetwo older brothers and two younger sistersshe grew up in Southern California, went to high school in Arizona, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 20th century history from Idaho State University. Now pursuing a Master's degree in archiving, she spends her days spelunking in the basements of museums and her nights holed up in her writing cave, fueled by music and insomnia. 

Katie is represented by Josh Adams of Adams Literary


  1. Hello,
    I was looking through your page through Adams Literary. I hope this isn't rude of me to ask in any way, but I was wondering what age you first got published. I'm nearly seventeen and I have a book I'm working on revising but I don't know how and if I'd ever be able to go through the traditional route of publishing. Knowing you've been writing since a young age, I was wondering if you'd learned anything through experience. Thank you for your time.
    The Curious Author, Laura

    1. Hey! I'm not sure if this will update you that I've responded, but if it does, feel free to shoot me an email through the contact form here: http://katiebucklein.blogspot.com/p/contact-me.html I'd be happy to share advice and answer any questions you have, and it'll be easier over email, I think. :)